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Utmärkelse: Rekommenderas Augusti 2011
Augusti 2011
25 Tester
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  Publicerad: 2011-12-15, testad av: macworld.idg.se

  • Sammanfattning:  Vi har svårt att motstå kombinationen månlandarben och Cadillac-krom. Meteor är robust, enkel och perfekt för dig som har en portabel studio. Design är viktigt, och allt fler ljudprylar sticker ut med egen och distinkt formgivning. Samson Meteor ser ...

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  Publicerad: 2016-12-30, Författare: Justin , testad av: techaeris.com

  • This is a very solid microphone with great style. It should be able to handle your recording needs admirably. Can be used without a pop filter under most normal conditions
  • You may need to reconfigure your speakers in your settings, as Windows can try and see the Meteor Mic's headphone monitor port as your only speaker output
  • If you want to record nearly anything onto your computer, the Samson Meteor Mic is definitely worth a look. It has a very classy design, great performance, and a very good price. It's easy to use, and you can be up and recording in no time.Samson Meteor M...

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  Publicerad: 2012-06-29, Författare: Mike , testad av: nerdreactor.com

  • The Samson Meteor Mic is a perfect mic for on-the-go recording. It's great for podcast recording, but is not best mic choice for recording instruments. The mic works well with both Mac and PC, and even works well on an iPpad with Garage Band. At the end o...

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  Publicerad: 2012-04-09, testad av: the-gadgeteer.com

  • Much higher-quality recordings than built-in mic on MBP or iPad, Doesn't require external power source, Small enough to take with you, Works with standard microphone mounts, May be shallow to say, but it's beautiful!
  • Short, so you may need to find a way to elevate it or you'll have to hunch over it for voice recordings

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  Publicerad: 2012-02-09, Författare: Reginald , testad av: examiner.com

  • Sammanfattning:  Meteor Mic has a chrome-plated body that includes a fold-back leg design that looks like a retro satellite from the 1950's. A unique design allows the legs to adjust to the optimal position for any recording application from instruments to vocals or speec...

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  Publicerad: 2011-11-15, Författare: Michael , testad av: gadgetreview.com

  • Flexible legs create builtin mic stand, or microphone can be screwed onto an existing stand, Onmic volume/muting knob and headphone jack for latencyfree monitoring ensure that you sound professional and clear at all times, Sleek yet compact design and tra
  • Volume/mute knob is located on the front of the mic, which can cause some sounds to pop up when adjusting, or become inaccessible if pointing the mic upward using the legs, some kind of remote would make this feature that much better, Bottom screw to atta
  • Michael Radon 5.0 5.0 The Samson Meteor Mic may not be the best choice for a nationally-syndicated ...

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  Publicerad: 2011-11-02, Författare: Nancy , testad av: macobserver.com

  • Sturdy, versitle microphone works for music or vocal transmission.
  • None noted

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  Publicerad: 2011-10-18, testad av: mymac.com

  • Sammanfattning:  Samson’s new premium quality, compact, retro-stylish USB microphone is outstanding. No software installation is necessary. Set your System Preferences Sound Input to use the Meteor, adjust your input volume level, and start recording, singing, talking...

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  Publicerad: 2011-09-19, testad av: macworld.com

  • Works with iPad, * Mute switch, * Good sounding microphone,
  • Mute switch makes a noise when engaged, * So short it makes it difficult to position, Price when rated: $99

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  Publicerad: 2011-08-18, testad av: pcmag.com

  • Great voice quality, Attractive design, Portable, Can connect to the iPad for use with Garage Band,
  • Not-quite-as-great musical recording quality, Unidirectional mic makes portability less useful, Fold-out stand gets in the way when mounting the mic on a larger stand,
  • Solid voice quality and a compact build make the Samson USB Meteor Mic a good choice for a portable podcast/Skype microphone, but it's not the best choice for music recording. ...

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