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Tester av LG OLED65C8

Konsumentguiden.se har samlat 6 tester av LG OLED65C8 och det genomsnittliga betyget är 85%. Scrolla ned och se alla testerna för LG OLED65C8.
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  Publicerad: 2018-06-05, Författare: Steve , testad av: T3.com

  • Dazzlingly detailed 4K images – the best you can get in many cases, Incredible screen vibrancy, Great gaming performance, Handy AI/voice control stuff
  • The webOS smart platform is so packed, it's creaking a bit, Audio, though not bad, lags behind Sony's
  • • Read our full Sony AF8 review and make your own mind upWhen it comes to gaming, the LG steals a lead. It has lower image lag, and its HDR game preset is slightly more dynamic. Although for most of the games I tried, there's not actually much in it in 'r...

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  Publicerad: 2018-06-04, Författare: John , testad av: trustedreviews.com

  • Stunning, contrast-rich, big-screen picture quality, Beautiful, super-thin design, Fair value for such a big OLED TV
  • Slight picture noise at times, Will be beyond the financial reach of most households, Not as bright as the best LCDs
  • Buy one on finance. Take out a loan. Remortgage your home. Get a second job. Hell, sell a kidney if you have to – the LG OLED77C8 is in a whole other league to any super-sized TV we've tested before it...

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  Publicerad: 2018-05-29, testad av: expertreviews.co.uk

  • True blacks, vibrant colours & wide viewing angles, Multi-format HDR support (HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision, Technicolor)
  • HDR not as impactful as the brightest LED LCDs, Mild vertical banding in very dark content, Small risk of permanent burn-in with static logos
  • It’s a stretch to call it affordable, but this is a truly amazing 77-inch OLED TV...

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  Publicerad: 2018-03-28, Författare: Nick , testad av: techradar.com

  • Alpha 9 Processor, Lowest price for OLED, webOS with AI
  • Small changes to the panel
  • The LG C8 OLED packs the majority of the innovation into its new Alpha 9 Processor, which might be a bit disappointing if you're looking for some improvements to last year's C7 OLED in terms overall brightness or vibrancy. However, the 2018 C8 is still an...

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  Publicerad: 2018-01-16, testad av: whathifi.com

  • Of course, it's difficult to get the whole picture when the TV's trying to compete with the hustle and bustle of a show, and we didn't have time to delve deeper into the TV's menus and experiment any further with its picture settings.But in our brief time...

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  Publicerad: 2018-06-15, Författare: Thomas , testad av: gadgetguy.com.au

  • Superb picture quality, perfect black levels, amazingly slim, excellent user interface for smart features, support for Dolby Vision
  • 3D
  • The LG OLED65C8 TV shows that LG OLED TVs are getting better, and remain at the top of the heap in terms of sheer picture quality. And arguably at the top of the heap in smarts as well, at least when it comes to control.Here's a link to LG's website for t...

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