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  Publicerad: 2011-07-14, testad av: whatdigitalcamera.com

  • Sturdy, well engineered, great pivoting centre column
  • On the heavy side if you have to carry it for a long time
  • Innovative centre column makes a classic tripod even better.

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  Publicerad: 2010-05-01, testad av: cameralabs.com

  • Sammanfattning:  Manfrotto 190XPROB tripod review The Manfrotto 190XPROB is a relatively compact and affordable tripod designed for general-purpose use. It's one of the best-selling models in Manfrotto's X range, striking a great balance between price and performance. ...

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  Publicerad: 2009-08-28, testad av: electronicsme.com

  • In conclusion, if you are looking for a quality tripod to add to your already expanding photography collection then you may want to check out the Manfrotto 190XPROB Pro Aluminum Tripod. With the ability to angle your camera in ways that your average tr...

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  Publicerad: 2008-03-18, testad av: futurelooks.com

  • … So what do I think of the Manfrotto 190XPROB? I have to say that this product really sets the bar high for any other tripods that I will meet. I’ve really enjoyed using this tripod over the last few weeks and I’m struggling to stay impartial becaus...

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  Publicerad: 2007-06-01, testad av: tipa.com

  • Sammanfattning:  Awarded by TIPA Association.

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  Publicerad: 2009-01-01, testad av: practicalphotography.com

  • Sammanfattning:  Two of the legs on the Manfrotto 190XPROB include padded leg warmers, and there’s a built-in bubble spirit level, too. If height is important to you though, the max reach of 146cm may put you off. The real trump card is the cleverly designed centre col...

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  Publicerad: 2008-04-26, testad av: techradar.com

  • Lightweight, Flexible, Cheap
  • Not very solid or sturdy
  • The 190XPROB is a straightforward mid-range tripod from Manfrotto, but with a neat twist. It has a unique column clamp design which means that if you release the column and pull it up to its full height, then press in a sprung catch in the base, you ca...

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