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Konsumentguiden.se har samlat 12 tester av Plants Vs Zombies och det genomsnittliga betyget är 80%. Scrolla ned och se alla testerna för Plants Vs Zombies.
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  Publicerad: 2011-03-04, testad av: gaming-age.com

  • Sammanfattning:  Chances are you've had a chance to check out Plants vs. Zombies now on one platform or another. Like other games by Popcap, this title has shown up on a variety of platforms to date, so reviewing the DS version of the game might seem like a moot point ...

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  Publicerad: 2011-02-17, testad av: blogcritics.org

  • Sammanfattning:  The Zombies have arrived and they want your brains. Well actually they want your plants too. This is a classic "tower defense" style game and your goal is to protect your home from the hoard of zombies approaching from the other side of the street. Be...

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  Publicerad: 2011-02-17, Författare: Andy , testad av: nintendoworldreport.com

  • Sammanfattning:  Plants vs. Zombies has been available on numerous platforms for almost two years now. The game, from PopCap, offers a twist on the popular tower defense genre by providing five static rows representing a backyard. As zombies traverse these rows, you pl...

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  Publicerad: 2011-02-04, testad av: gamezone.com

  • Sammanfattning:  Plants vs. Zombies first shambled its way into PC gamers’ hearts in mid-2009. Since then it has become a worldwide phenomenon, receiving Mac, XBLA and iOS versions in the process. Now PopCap’s other juggernaut title has infected the DS, bringing with ...

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  Publicerad: 2011-01-22, Författare: Justin , testad av: cnet.com

  • Sammanfattning:  You're trapped inside the house; brain-craving zombies are closing in from all sides; and there are no firearms or weaponized power tools in sight. What do you do? In Plants vs. Zombies, now available for the Nintendo DS well over a year after it debut...

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  Publicerad: 2011-01-21, testad av: gamespot.com

  • Accessible, satisfying tower defense gameplay, Stylus controls work well, Loads of things to do beyond just beating the campaign, Competitive multiplayer option is a blast.
  • Early campaign levels offer practically no challenge, Touchscreen is overly crowded which is occasionally detrimental to gameplay.
  • The DS version of this great tower defense game can be a little confusing but is a lot of fun to play both solo and competitively....

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  Publicerad: 2011-01-18, testad av: ign.com

  • Plants vs. Zombies is charming and addictive, standing right up there with the best of PopCap's offerings like Peggle. It has that elusive "special something" that gets its hooks in you and convinces you to forego food, sleep, and other essentials just...

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  Publicerad: 2011-08-15, testad av: impulsegamer.com

  • Sammanfattning:  One of the most popular PC and iOS casual games of all time has finally arrived on the Nintendo DS with Plants and Zombies. Having played both the PC and iPhone versions of Plants vs. Zombies, I was actually quite eager to play this game again, especia...

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  Publicerad: 2011-10-17, testad av: nzgamer.com

  • Sammanfattning:  Even if your idea of gardening is to pay someone to mow the lawn, here’s a horticultural-themed pastime you won’t mind getting stuck into… no green thumbs or sheep poo required. Plants vs. Zombies is a popular tower defence game which has been around f...

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  Publicerad: 2011-04-29, testad av: n-life.de

  • Zombiehorden mit Pflanzen zu bekämpfen, klingt nicht nur nach einer verdammt unterhaltsamen Idee, sondern birgt auch in der Praxis jede Menge Suchtgefahr. Anfangs hatte ich noch Angst, dass unter der abgedrehten Präsentation nicht viel Tiefgang steckt....

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