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Tester av Samsung GT-i9100 Galaxy S2

Konsumentguiden.se har samlat 615 tester av Samsung GT-i9100 Galaxy S2 och det genomsnittliga betyget är 89%. Scrolla ned och se alla testerna för Samsung GT-i9100 Galaxy S2.
Utmärkelse: Bäst Betyg April 2011
April 2011
615 Tester
5 Tester
89 0 100 615
Betygsätt produkten:

Testarna gillade

  • Fantastisk skärm. Bra kamera. Tunn och lätt.
  • Supersnabb
  • Skärmen är fantastisk
  • Kameran
  • Utmärkt skärm
  • Skärmen. Kies Air. Snabbheten.
  • Allt
  • Skärmen
  • Skärmen Lätt och tunn Filmar i Full HD

Testarna gillade inte

  • Plastig. Något svag batteritid.
  • Relativt dyr
  • Lite plastig
  • Saknar utlovad NFC
  • Hdmi kräver adapter.
  • Att vi inte kan behålla testexemplaret på redaktionen.
  • Ser ut som många andra Plastig Dyr

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sidan 18 av 62
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  Publicerad: 2012-05-18, testad av: geeksquad.co.uk

  • Sammanfattning:  Galaxy S II is a big step up from the original Galaxy S, with a larger, sharper Super Amoled screen, more storage and internal memory, plus a snappy 1.2GHz dual core Arm Cortex-A9 that makes multitasking easy.It may have been recently superseded by the Ga...

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  Publicerad: 2012-01-07, testad av: gadgetspeak.com

  • Sammanfattning:  Adding to its range of handsets, Samsung has released its Galaxy S II handset to tempt you to part with your hard earned cash. ...

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  Publicerad: 2011-12-13, testad av: computeractive.co.uk

  • Fast, slim and lightweight; great screen,
  • Unnecessary software,
  • One of the best Android phones available, with a great screen and fast processor ...

Var detta test till hjälp?   

  Publicerad: 2011-11-25, testad av: tech-reviews.co.uk

  • Fast and smooth UI, Audio quality, Brilliant 4.3inch display, Still photo quality and 1080p video quality, Battery life, Sleek and attractive design,
  • Overall, I was absolutely blown away with the Samsung Galaxy S II’s performance whilst we were in our testing phase. And even though I’m a pretty much an Apple Fanboy, I’d opt for the Samsung Galaxy S II over the iPhone 4S in a heartbeat.With an extrem...

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Var detta test till hjälp?   
  Publicerad: 2011-11-07, Författare: Duncan Jefferies , testad av: tech.uk.msn.com

  • The Galaxy S2 is an exceptional phone that blows the competition away. Review The Samsung Galaxy is a massively popular phone, and Samsung are hoping to pull off the same trick with their follow-up, the Samsung Galaxy S2. And based on our experiences wit...

Var detta test till hjälp?   
  Publicerad: 2011-11-04, Författare: Matt Warman , testad av: telegraph.co.uk

  • Sammanfattning:  For a long time, if any technology writer was asked what phone they would recommend to most users, the answer was simple. Even for the least Apple-inclined, ‘Get an iPhone' was the only honest answer. It was not perfect, but it was the best on the mark...

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Var detta test till hjälp?   
  Publicerad: 2011-10-29, testad av: hardwareheaven.com

  • we realised that there is a lot to love about the Galaxy S2, especially the excellent call quality.Thinking back our instant dislike was perhaps inspired by the fact that Samsung have traded the premium feel of an all-metal chassis for a super lightw...

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  Publicerad: 2011-10-17, testad av: channelpro.co.uk

  • There’s plenty more in terms of software we could go into, from the excellent contact linking to the integrated task killer and the dead-easy DLNA sharing software, AllShare, but what you really want to read is our final verdict on the Samsung Galaxy S...

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  Publicerad: 2011-10-07, testad av: letsgomobile.org/en

  • Sammanfattning:  D uring the Mobile World Congress, Samsung introduced the Galaxy S2 (i9100) as a successor to the popular Galaxy S smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy S2 is a stylish, slim and light smartphone with a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor and a large, clear Super AMO...

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  Publicerad: 2011-09-03, Författare: Nirave , testad av: techview.co

  • Sammanfattning:  Hi there and I hope you are all well and having a great weekend . As you may have guessed I have been busy with case reviews lately and here we have another one for you and it's probably my favourite one so far . It is the case-mate tough for the Samsung ...

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